historical attraction

Lut desert

It is one of natural attraction in Kerman which is considered by tourists. The hottest place on the earth planet is this desert. Another attraction in this area is kalut that is attractive place in this desert.

Kalut has been created in 1000 years ago as a result of wind and water erosion and it is like a city without residents.

Hezar Mountain

Hezar Mountain with the height more than 4501m above the sea level is the fourth highest peak among Iran mountain peaks. The villages on Mountain range with pleasant weather and Rayen waterfall are the best places for tourists. The highest residential areas in Iran are Babzangi and Ardikan villages by 3300m height in Hezar Mountain.

Beyram Abad Garden

This garden is located in east of Kerman which was built in Safavid Period by Beyram Beig.

Neshat Garden

Tis garden is located in Ferdousi Street in Kerman. It is the old garden which belongs to Qajar Period

Bagh Agha

This garden belongs to Qajar period and it was the building of England consulate in Kerman

Fathabad Garden

It is located in 25 Kilometers of Kerman city and it was built in 1255 AH

Sarasiyab Garden

This garden has been located in the south of Kerman and it belongs to seljuq Empire period


Golshan period

This gardebn has been built in period of Zahiroldoleh and it is located after Arg-e Bam

Daylamghani Garden

This garden belongs to Ghajariyeh period and now it is used as orphanage.


Leleh Garden

This garden belongs to Khajeh atabak in Saljoughiyan period


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