Tourism attraction

Tourism attraction

Kerman has been usually one of the most important cities in tourism and every year has been host for many internal and external guests.

Historical attraction

Kerman is one of the most important provinces. It’s the center of southeast in country and also it is the cultural and economical, industrial, social and political reference in southeast.

Fathabbad Garden

It is the construction which belongs to before Islam and it was called Gabari dome too. In all history, dome construction belongs to sasnian period. There was this gossip that in this construction, the milk of Kamal had used which help consistency.

Ganjali Khan Complex

The Ganjali Khan Complex was built by Ganj Ali Khan who governed Kerman, Sistan and Kandahar provinces from 1596 to 1621 under Safavid Shah is surrounded by urban elements such as bazaars, Caravanserais Bathhouse and schools. Bathhouse is one of the famous places because of its architecture that is so great. This was converted into an anthropological museum in 1971.

Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden meaning Prince’s Garden is a historical Persian garden located near (6 km away from) Mahan in Kerman province. This garden was built originally for Mohammad Hasan Khan Qajar Sardari Iravani ca. 1850. It was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.


Kerman Jame Mosque

Mozaffari Jame Mosque

This mosque is a part of the Mozaffari aggregate and was completed in 750 A.H., by Amir Mobarezeddin Mohammad-e-Mozaffari-e-Meybodi Yazdi. The mosque is one of the most ancient structures of the country. The mosque has a tall gate-way in its eastern sector, and the same has been adorned with beautiful tile work.

Malek Mosque

This mosque is a construction of the 5th century A.H. (the Saljuqi period). Various portions of this mosque, specially the main platform was constructed in the times of Vakil-ol-Molk (1285 A.H.), it has 101m length and 91m width.



The Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine

The Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine is a historical complex, located in Mahan, Iran, which contains the mausoleum of Shah Nematollah Vali, the renowned Iranian mystic and poet. The complex includes some courtyards and other sections which are as follows when one moves from the street toward the interior of the mosque: Atabaki courtyard, Vakil-ol-Molki courtyard, Modir-ol-Molki portico, the shrine, Shah Abbasi portico, Mirdamad courtyard and Hosseiniyeh courtyard. This structure 3200 square meters area.

Kerman Bazaar

The Kerman Bazaar with is beautiful manifestation has left as a memorial from the ancient periods. It is from Arg square to Moshtaghiyeh square. Every parts of this Bazaar had built in different period of different rulers.

Zoroastrian fire temple

Kerman is the city which is the host of Zoroastrians and it’s a rare city in which Sadeh ceremony is hold. This ceremony is in January month. It is as n national list of ceremonies.


Shioshegan and Sahebalzaman mountain which located in east of Kerman city. The antiquity of this mountain is for 120000 years before.

Mouyedi Ice-House

 There are several small-gardens around this ice-house which were filled with the water in winter, then after the water turned to ice, it was kept in the "ice storage" between layers of straw to use in summer. Amazing centuries-old system.

Arge Rayen

This castle is in outskirt of Rayen city by the area about 220000 square is the second earthen structure in the word after Arge Bam.


 Ghal'e Dokhtar - Ghal'e Ardeshir

A historical castle and oldest building in Kerman, on the hills in the east of Kerman; attributed to the Ashkanian era. This structure was divided in two separate part. The first part is on the peak of castle in the east which has been called Ghal'e Kouh. The second part is on the short hill which has been called Ghal'e Dokhtar or Anahita temple. The wall of this temple has been made from thick adobe.


Vakil Complex

A complex of a bazaar, a mosque, a caravanserai and a traditional tea house (had been once a bath), wasbuilt by the order of Mohammad Ismaeel Khan Vakil Ol-Molk-Kerman ruler- and hisson at the time of Zand.

Ibrahim Khan Complex

It was built in Qajar era (1794-1925) by Kerman Governor Ibrahim Khan, the bath decorated with exquisite tile works, paintings, and arches, is a part of Ibrahim Khan historical complex including a school, and a caravanserai.

Takhte dargah ghali beig

It is the tomb of one of Bahram beig off spring by the name of Dargah Gholi Beig. He was one of the rulers in safavid era. He was so famous.

Khaje Atabak Tomb

It is located in the south east of the vicinity of the bazaar mosque. The structure is a remnant of the Saljuqi period in the 6th century AH. This structure has been adorned with plaster and brick works, both internally and externally. Its interesting features are the kufic and thulth scripts. The ceiling of this mausoleum had caved in, but was repaired by the Cultural Heritage Organization, and the structure is on historical record.


Moshtagh Alishah Tomb

This attractive mausoleum belongs to a renowned Sufi mystic.The building dates back to Qajar era, while some parts of the structure are from Mongol era.  The stuccowork and the blue-and-white-tiled roofs are beautiful.


Harandi garden museum

Harandi garden museum Harandi garden which is now harandi garden and museum and musical instruments of kerman located in that is belong to late 13 century. This garden museum with its unique architecture and suitable space is one of the most important garden museums of country. In archeology museum,it introduce the ancient culture and civilizations of kerman province and their historical relation with historic lands and in music instruments, visitors will accustom to traditional and local instruments of iran and iran’s neighbors which their music is familiar and same to our music.

Kerman has a number of attractions including the extravagant Qajar era (1785-1925) Ghaffari and Aminian Houses, Pardakhti house that are so famose.







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