Language and Local Dialect

Language and Local Dialect of Kerman

The difference between language and local dialect is that the speakers of local dialects are less. Local dialect is used in limited area and maybe hasn’t written form.

Usually different geographic types of language such as formal one like Persian or English or local language such as Gilaki, Turkish, Lori, are called local dialect.

The people of different areas of Iran speak different local dialect. These local dialects usually have long history and because of verbal communication, the people use them with satisfaction. Dialect is special kind of language which has different words, grammar and sound in contrast with others dialects. Communicate ability of dialect is not less than language and can respond to social needs of people.

From past, Iran has various kinds of dialects because of expanded territory, rich culture and presence of different tribes. Kerman province has also different dialect significantly but in recent decades by considering with the media role in extensions of formal language, local dialects are forgotten in time lapse.

Anyway, there are different dialects in various cities. Every dialect has special proverbs for itself and even people who use dialects, in proverb use local dialect. One of kermani writer says: Kerman doesn’t have special dialect but its Persian is so old. It is language which was used for singing the song of Garshasb n KarkoyehAtashkadeh of Sistan Balouchestan.

Mohammad ebrahimi Bastani Parizi has written in introduction of the culture of dialect by Mahmood Sarafi: the language that people of Kerman speaks is the language which has been used many years ago because we don’t know any other dialect which had belonged to Sasanian or Gilak and even Shiraz dialect and Kazeroni is not comprehensible.

He said: special dialect of Kerman's people is the dialect of "Local dialect" but a lot of old words about different things are used in Kerman but it is not common in other provinces. But these words haven't special accent .Bastini Parizi has written: the voice form of Kerman Persian words cannot be pronounced by common district but it can be written by phonetic alphabet hardly



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