Investment objectives

Investment objectives

Description of the investment

Published in December 2010

Objectives of investment section

1) Identifying and introducing investment opportunities of various units and accessing to all information relating to investments


2) Decreasing additional bureaucracy, simplifying and facilitating the acceptance of investors' activities in the municipality


3) Answering and providing the necessary facilities for applicants of investment for projects of municipality

4)  Supporting domestic and foreign investment in the city


5) Coordinating with Kerman Islamic Council and various municipal units to obtain necessary permissions



6) Presenting necessary consultation to domestic and foreign investors about municipal projects



7) The necessary coordination with the encouragement and support headquarters of investors and trying for administrating problems of investment for domestic and foreign investors


8) Other necessary activities to encourage and develop investments in the municipality


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      Message system : 10001371000
      Contact with the mayor
      Telephone : 32268350-034
     Address: Sepah St. Kerman