the emphasis of the mayor on bilateral cooperation between two cities

In a meeting with the Ambassador of Indonesia, Bengkulu Mayor and his delegation, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines that held in Kerman province, the Mayor of Kerman emphasized about the continuation of bilateral cooperation between two cities.


Sayed Mehran Alamzadeh welcomed the Indonesian Ambassador and the delegation and stated that today in Iran is the day of nature and tree planting, which people have been planting alongside the mayor, he said: as the first joint work of the Indonesian Ambassador and the delegation, we want to attend the ceremony

He said: "Kerman province has a valuable heritage and has rich mines and industries, while the climate has four seasons, so there are common economic and cultural capacities between these two regions, which could be the beginning of joint cultural programs

He suggested that cultural and artistic festivals which presented can be introduced the cities of Kerman and Bengkulu so that the attractions of these two cities for the people and managers of them can be explained.  Alamzadeh also noted that there is a good capacity in the field of Iranian music, especially local music in Kerman, which can be sent as an important event for local music bands to Indonesia.



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