The mayor of Kerman said the support of investors is on the municipality's agenda


The mayor of Kerman emphasized the support of investors

The mayor of Kerman said the support of investors is on the municipality's agenda



News Service: The Office of public relations and international affairs of Kerman municipality

Mehran Alamzadeh said: " if the city of Kerman can be developed with the help of investors it will be useful for the entire province

He also criticized some of Kerman's large investors who invest their money to Tehran: if some of these funds are invested in Kerman, they will remain for future generations

The mayor of Kerman pointed to the contract of the municipality with the Kerman Province Development and Rehabilitation Company in the context of reopening Kosar's axis. This contract should be continued to open up some part of it

Alamzadeh said about the site of the Kerman exhibition "I find the site of the south-east exhibition is important for Kerman, because this exhibition can make several cultural, social and economic events in Kerman every season

He added that the exhibition, in addition to generating revenue for the owners of production, will boost the economy and ultimately will be profitable for people

Alemzadeh said that holding exhibitions with different themes, causes to have relationship with people, he continued the exhibitions are the motor of social activities and said: "We must bring people out of the house in every possible way and create a state of vitality and happiness in the people."

He added that the municipality of Kerman could also benefit from some exhibitions, including exhibitions in the field of green space, construction industry and even automobiles

The mayor of Kerman also emphasized the completion of the infrastructure of the exhibition, including the hotel


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