The benefits of investment


The benefits of investment


 Published on December 1389

 Benefits and investments


 1) Variety of plans and projects and the type of contract (commercial, economic t, tourism, etc.)


(2) Provide the necessary guarantee in order to perform the obligations of the municipality


(3) Guarantee for purchase when the municipality is the exclusive buyer of plan production or projects.


(4) fifty percent discount for the cost of municipal permits to investors that want to invest in old parts of city in Kerman.


(5) Presenting licenses and permits of the municipality by reducing redundant Bureaucracy.


(6) Pay the cost of manufacturing and gain the capital itself plus a reasonable and adoptive profit by the municipality for the construction projects.


(7) The assignment of the land required for the implementation of some projects of the municipality.


(8) The tax exemptions offered by Investment, Economic and Technical assistance Organization of Iran



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