Transnational relation of Kerman municipality by using sister city's capacity




The mayor of Kerman stated: Transnational relation of Kerman municipality by using sister city's capacity

News Service: the Office of public relations and international affairs of Kerman municipality

The head of Foreign Affairs Ministry's delegation in Kerman province, along with its deputies met the mayor of Kerman

Mayor of Kerman said that municipalities are independent; he added that this capacity has been seen in the municipalities to have transnational relations with cities of other countries as sister city

He said: "In sister city program, we are not looking for plurality; rather, we believe that a good relationship is that in which all the provisions of treaty can be operational, not just remain on paper."

 He said, very soon we will develop team in this direction and then apply for sister city to delegation of Foreign Affairs Ministry in Kerman

The Mayor of Kerman confirms about attracting of foreign investor and reiterated: the activities in this field should also be expanded

Ali Jafari said in this respect it is needed in this team we should have representatives from the municipality, the Chamber of Commerce, universities and non-governmental organizations in order to analyze various cities of the world based on the features and capacity of Kerman

He continued in this team we consider all the provisions of the treaty, and then the treaty will be signed by the Mayor of Kerman and other city which is selected as a sister city


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