Published in December 2010

The warranties offered by the municipality of Kerman

Providing necessary warranties in order to perform all the obligations mentioned in the contracts between the investor and municipality.

The warranty of purchase in cases where the municipality is exclusive buyer.

These warranties are presented by investment, economical and technical assistance organization of Iran for foreign investors.

The warranty of the capitals which is included foreign investment law that has the same support and facilities like domestic investors.

The capital which is included foreign investment law has the same support and facilities like domestic investors.

Foreign investment doesn’t mean expropriation and being national except for the public interest and in Legal process and against appropriate payment of compensation to actual value of investment before expropriation of ownership.

Transfer all or part of foreign capital into the domestic investor or foreign investors by agreement of financial ministry is legal. If it transfers from one investor to others, the investor has to have the initial conditions for investment.

The Guarantee of compensation for damages resulting from the banning or stopping the implementation of the financial agreements according to the law or the decisions of the Government.



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