Mayor of Kerman: the activities of the municipality have flourished in different areas

Mayor of Kerman: The activities of the municipality have flourished in different areas Reza Sadeghi Concert for the Great Municipality Family News service: Kerman Municipality's Office of Communications and International affairs Reza Sadeghi Concert, was held for the employees of the municipality in order to create vitality and happiness in the community, with the assistance of the Social and Cultural Department of Kerman Municipality. Seyed Mehran Alemezadeh, thanks to Mohammad Ali Jooshaei, the social and cultural Deputy of Kerman Mayor and his colleagues for holding of Reza Sadeghi concert and told that the performing of such programs require a twenty-four hour work; therefore, I specially thanks to my colleagues in the Department of Social and Cultural Affairs of the Municipality. The mayor of Kerman said that the concert of Reza Sadeghi is for increasing happiness and joyance sense of the community. And soon (after months of Muharram and safar) such programs will be held for other employees of Kerman Municipality and public too.


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